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Introducing Elevate—a luxurious, all-encompassing experience designed for those who seek advanced financial advice and aim to Live Boldly. 

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Professionally Curated & Managed Portfolios: Your advisor will work together with you to build custom-portfolios designed around what matters most to you, delivering a more meaningful investor experience.
  • Increased Customization: Collaborate with third-party investment managers for a tailored financial journey.
  • Direct Indexing: The option to own fractional shares of each stock in the S&P 500 for a balanced investment strategy.
  • 401k Investment Review Program: Comprehensive review of your 401k investments to ensure they're aligned with your objectives.
  • What-If Scenarios: Evaluate the tangible impact of life decisions or risks with your personal Certified Financial Planner™.   
  • Modern Client Experience: Actively monitor your complete financial plan through our app (iOS and Android) or web-browser.
  • Elevate Your Wealth Course: Access to our exclusive online course designed to inspire and elevate your financial mindset.
  • The Good Stuff Quarterly Newsletter: Unique ideas to inspire and add to your best lived life delivered right to your inbox.



    • Ideal for total accounts of $450,000+
    • Minimum Fee: $1,200 per quarter.
    • 1% Annual Advisory Fee. Fee is deducted from investment account(s) on a quarterly basis. Discounts activate above $1MM total investments.
    • No Fees on High Yield Cash Reserve (Money Market).