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Ignite helps you manage your money through cash management, guided investing, and retirement planning. We are a fiduciary, which means we act in your best interest.

We'll ask a bit about you when you sign up. We'll also gather information when you connect your outside accounts. Then, we'll help you set financial goals and set you up with investment portfolios for each goal.

For your long-term financial needs (like retirement, next year's vacation, or a down payment), our investment strategy utilizes low-cost ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and an adjustable risk profile based on your goal type and how long you plan to invest.

For your daily saving and spending, you can use our cash management products that include Checking (which is offered by nbkc bank, Member FDIC) and Cash Reserve, a high-yield cash account.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Self-Directed Client Experience: Take charge of your financial journey with user-friendly interfaces and transparent analytics.

  • Professionally Curated & Managed Portfolios: Let experts handle your investments, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what matters most. Enjoy access to a diversified range of investment opportunities  through low-cost ETF's and Mutual Funds.

  • Ignite Financial Bootcamp: Access to our exclusive online course designed to equip you with a solid understanding of financial concepts and strategies.

  • The Good Stuff Quarterly Newsletter: Unique ideas to inspire and add to your best lived life delivered right to your inbox.


  • No Account Minimum(s). No Minimum Fees.
  • .50% Annual Fee. Fee is deducted from investment account(s) on a quarterly basis.
  • No Fees on High Yield Cash Reserve and Checking Accounts